Clinical Focus

Prof. Dr. Helmut K. Seitz is internist and gastroenterologist.

His clinical focus includes diseases of the liver, gallbladder, the biliary tract, the esophagus, the stomach, small and large intestine as well as the pancreas. He has a special expertise in treatment of esophageal stenosis in patients with Epidermolysis bullosa. Prof. Seitz has developed a special method to reopen the esophageal stenosis in these patients as one of a few experts worldwide in this area.

Prof. Seitz is an international recognized expert in the field of alcohol associated liver disease. He offers up-to-date methodologies to determine hepatic fat (CAP) and to determine hepatic fibrosis by FibroScan. He was part of the panel of European Experts for the Guidelines in Alcoholic Liver Disease and of the German Panel on Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.